Thursday, July 2, 2009

A fantastic strawberry killer chiller

Everyone needs a killer chiller one time or another. This Strawberry chiller is wonderful it fits right into my Plan.

8 to 10 strawberries 1 can of Fresca citrus flavor, 1-12 oz bottle of Cranergy with Splenda.only ½ is needed. 1 container of Strawberry Orange Banana Flavor Crystal light. 4 cups of ice 1 orange and 1 lemon for decoration Directions: Cut tip off strawberries and place in blender. Add the Crystal Light, Cranergy, 2 cups of Ice and blend. Once it is blended add the Fresca and the other two cups of ice. Blend and you are ready to enjoy. Garnish your glass with sliced orange lemon and strawberry.

Servings 4

1 point per serving

This is a true test because this kid will not eat a strawberry to save his life.
It gets The Cisco Kids seal of approval.
I kept asking him, how is it? What do you think? Smile for the camera. This is all he could do is give me thumbs up and the ok sign. I couldn’t get him to come up for air so he could give me a smile.

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  1. TCK is hysterical!!! I guess he really did like the drink!!! I will have to try this with G, although he's so picky, sometimes he won't even try things because they are RED!!!